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Safety Rules When Dealing with Dogs

For Everybody

For Everybody, but Kids especially

Whether it's your own or somebody else's, never tease a dog. (E.g: barking, making faces, shouting and calling names, throwing things etc.)

Always ask the owners permission before you approach or pet a strange dog.

Never disturb a dog that is sleeping, nursing pups or eating.

Never leave a child alone with a dog, because a child's actions may inadvertently trigger an unwanted response.

Be careful when handling a dog who is in pain or injured, it may bite you. Always, take precautions.

Even people who have been around dogs all their life's should Never assume that a strange dog is going to be friendly towards them. Remember you may think you know dogs but that strange dog doesn't know you. It may see you as an intruder or a threat.

Always, try to be relaxed and calm around dogs, erratic movements could startle a dog or they may think you are teasing them.

Fast-moving outdoor athletes should keep a safe distance between them and dog walkers. (E.g.:
joggers, Cyclists etc). Again, these actions trigger the dog's natural chase response.

Never take your dog on someone else's property without finding out first, if it is OK to do so.

If the owner is not there, Never enter a yard or house where a dog is present.

Never run or walk up behind a dog, (even one you know) and try to pet it. Always, let a dog know you are there, let it see and sniff you.

Dogs love to play rough with each other, so do not scream, shout or wave your arms around when playing around dogs, because these actions can excite and trigger its chase response.

Never run past or turn your back on a dog and run away, because a dog's natural instinct is to chase and catch its prey.

Never stare into a strange dog’s eyes, because that's how dogs challenge each other to fight.

Never approach a dog that is restrained or confined (e.g.: tied up outside a shop etc). The dog may feel threatened or frightened and may bite you.

Never pet a dog who is playing with a toy. Dogs are often protective of toys, and may think a child is trying to take it.


For more Saftey Rules concerning dogs visit the Humane Society of the United States

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