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Did you know?

Facts about dogs everybody should know

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Dogs are omnivores (they eat all food groups) like people and pigs. This means that they can get their nutrition from food of both animal and plant origin.

Dogs do not digest raw fruit and vegetables very well and even in small amounts, these may act as laxatives.

Chocolate is toxic to dogs. The chocolate stays in a dog’s stomach, it cannot be digested and over the years, even the smallest amounts can be deadly. Large amounts can lead to instant death.

Do not approach a sleeping dog without first making some sound to let them know you’re there. They might get scared and bite before really waking up.

Light-colored dogs can get sunburn
Sugar was adopted by our webmaster

Dogs cool themselves through their tongues, and sweat only through their nose and footpads. That’s why they like a wading pool in the summer - to cool off their paws and underbelly.

Spaying/neutering a pet protects them against certain cancers and reproduction organ infections later in life.
It also helps control the pet population.

Normally dogs shed spring and fall, but the electric lighting in our homes causes indoor dogs to shed year round.  

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. We call each different look a “breed”. For many hundreds of years people have created different breeds for various reasons.. Some are especially for working, some are for looks, some for sports.

MidnightWhen dogs are hot, they pant and their tongues may swell two to three times its normal size to help release excess body heat.

The dog was first domesticated 10,000 years ago!

Never buy dog toys that look like “off limits” household items. For example, shoe-shaped chewies and your shoes look alike to even the smartest dog!

Old dogs like to lay out in the sun. The warmth of the sun keeps their muscles relaxed.
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The average lifespan of a giant dog breed is only half as long as the average lifespan of small-to-medium dogs..

Dogs eat grass for several reasons.
A) They enjoy the taste of sweet fresh grass same as people like salads
B) Grass helps them when they have an upset stomach. Certain types of grass (especially the long, hard, old blades,) help dogs to vomit.





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